Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Success Factors In Real Estate Development: Far More Important Than The Financial Capital For Investment

There has been a lingering misconception that in the capital intensive real estate development industry an investor needs only the financial muscle to succeed. Those who have ventured into the business and emerged triumphant would advise that there are equally essential elements of viability and sustainability in the field.

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Being able to gauge productive engagements in the market as well as interpolate statistical data on trends is an indispensable capability someone wanting to prosper in chattels real trade must acquire. It is not a skill that can be basically learned in the process but one that is a pre-requisite, further honed by experience. A relevant formal training in the discipline such as a college diploma in financial or business management, civil engineering, or urban planning will give one the edge over competitors, especially if enhanced with attendance to real estate classes and assessments as well as securing the specific license.

Practical knowledge is likewise important. The valuable hands-on involvement in the business can be obtained through employment in a related company that will entrust direct undertaking of land deals, thus providing insights in purchasing, development or transacting sales of real estate. It is crucial at this period of absorbing information about the business that capital be built up through personal savings along with a network with possible sources of supplemental funds, in preparation for future investment.

Building relationships with experts and professionals in construction management will help in the acquisition of correct methods and systems for timely and quality work in the future. Further, accumulating contacts from the financial community, particularly establishing mutual trust, will offer advantageous options as well as access to efficient, personalized services at preferential rates.

Continuing education through constant reading, monitoring, joining discussion forums and linkage with state-of-the-art online tools and services, issuances and publications must be given priority as these will offer priceless information on up to date market behavior, projections on real estate prices.

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